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Thorpe Bay Maintenance

This is a residential block we manage. We started here in 2018. Work began by removing the old roses and weeds and reshaping the beds to give symmetry.

One of the beds was L shaped and had a mound of soil. We made this rectangular to match the rest of the beds and removed a ton of top soil 're using it elsewhere on site.

We added 2 beds to a main entrance to create a nice approach installing gòod sized olive trees.  We then  designed and planted the beds - adding feature standard Photina Red robin trees, established phormiums, hydrangeas, agapanthus plants and a row of each bed.

Despite the difficult dry summer last year we managed to keep the plants healthy and have been rewarded with the display on show. 

What we did:
  • Removing the old roses and weeds
  • Reshaping the beds to give symmetr
  • Transformed and added flower beds
  • Planted plants and trees
The verdict

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