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Grounds Maintenance and Gardening Services

For Business, Commercial and Shared Living Environments

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Prestigious Seafront Flats

Prestigious and exclusive Seafront development.

Initially instructed to provide and install etsablished olive trees to front of premises to create impact. Agreement upon completion to plant in additional specimen olive trees and lavender bushes to either side of entrance walkways creating an attractive and eye catching entrance to the apartments.

Further instruction to add instant screening to roof garden and downstairs planters. Established Oleander plants provided and planted in.

All areas maintained with fortnightly visits to cut back, shape and weed.



What we did:
  • Initial design and plan submitted to client
  • With tight time constraints we supplied different size established Olive Trees for various locations on site creating a focal point and great kerb appeal to the entrance ways.
  • Further commissions for planting in to newly released areas
  • Fortnightly contract visits for watering, plant care, tree cutting and shaping, weeding and litter clearing
The Shore front steps and plantingThe Shore front steps and planting
The Shore front steps on planting in dayThe Shore front steps on planting in day
Olive view planted and maintainedOlive view planted and maintained
The verdict

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