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Grounds Maintenance and Gardening Services

For Business, Commercial and Shared Living Environments

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Links Court Thorpe Bay

Site consists of 4 blocks of flats sitting either side of the road in a prominent position backing on to a golf course and park. Buildings set nicely surrounded by 13 lawn areas and numerous beds.

Site survey and inital works to reduce shrubs and hedge heights and growth to enable previously blocked windows and doors to be opened with ease. 

Weekly visits for lawn cutting and strimming, hedge and tree cutting, weeding and maintenance. 

Specific requests for lawns with stripes and other frequently identified priorities. Managed and achieved through regular meetings and updates.

What we did:
  • Meeting with the client to agree plan of works and priorities
  • Prioritised the work cutting back shrubs covering windows and overgrowing across entrances
  • Lawn Cuts and strimming weekly
  • Gradual reduction to the height of all shrubs around the buildings
  • Extensive weeding and reclamation of over grown beds.
  • Recycling of tree and shrub clippings as mulch for weed suppressant and water retention in beds
  • Dumped rubbish cleared and disposed of ethically.
The verdict

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