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Grounds Maintenance and Gardening Services

For Business, Commercial and Shared Living Environments

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John Vetch House, Clapham

Instruction in May 2017 to clear the overgrown gardens to this boarded up block of flats which was awaiting planning permission for redevelopment. Additionally tasked to deal with rubbish on-site. The site had received a formal environmental health notice. Rubbish including burnt out mattress, broken chairs and litter was all removed and disposed of ethically. Cut back to overgrown trees and boundary shrubs, ensuring that the plants did not extend across the boundaries. Full strimming to all boundaries and overgrown lawn areas front and back. 2-height lawn cuts done and grass cuttings removed from site. Photos retained for client’s records.

What we did:
  • Clearance of overgrown gardens
  • Ethical removal of waste
  • Cutting back of trees and shrubbery
  • Full strimming
  • Lawn cutting
Before Clearance - 1Before Clearance - 1
After Clearance - 1After Clearance - 1
Before Clearance - 2Before Clearance - 2
After Clearance - 2After Clearance - 2
The verdict

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