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Flats in Epping

Instruction in 2016 and continues. Prominent set of flats in Epping with lawn area, front and rear gardens and beds and large trees leaving pine cones. Twice-monthly visits. Lawn cut and strimmed. Issues with the bin store and discarded rubbish dealt with repeatedly. Hedges and shrubs shaped. Car park swept and cleared. Beds weeded. Large amount of leaves cleared from parking areas and drains cleared too.

New hedging supplied and installed to front of property. Car park edging boards rotten so Baines Gardening installed new boards throughout. Ongoing maintenance of the boards when driven in to and damaged (see pics).

Site review conducted and recommended Creation of green composting recycling area. Client agreed and installed with all green waste recycled on site.

What we did:
  • Twice-monthly visits
  • Lawn cut and strimmed
  • Shaping of hedges and shrubs
  • Sweeping and clearance of car park
  • Large amount of leaves and Pine needles collected and composted
  • Beds weeded
  • Green waste composted
  • By seperate instruction Rotten car park boarding replaced with new posts concreted securely in. Subsequent and ongoing repairs when boards have been driven into.
  • New Buxus hedging to large front bed planted in - over 500 plants installed to create an attractive border to the front of the property.
Epping edging boards replacedEpping edging boards replaced
Epping edging boards damagedEpping edging boards damaged
Epping edging boards repairedEpping edging boards repaired
Epping with newly planted hedge installedEpping with newly planted hedge installed
The verdict

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