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Grounds Maintenance and Gardening Services

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COVID 19 Update Sept 2020.

Having put into place strict working guidelines to protect staff and clients we are pleased to confirm that we have maintained all works without any issues. Now that we are seeing the easing of restrictions we are adapting our working practices to maintain safety whilst returning to a sense of normality.

Ongoing we will continue to maintain our distance from clients when working on sites.

We will continue to also wash and sanitize our hands frequently and between every job.

You may now see staff travelling together in vehicles. These people are in social bubbles away from work and are allowed to be close to one another.

Where any staff or their family members show symptoms we are supporting them in getting tested and ensuring they do not attend work until they receive a clear test or it is safe for them to do so.

We constantly review our working practices to ensure everyone's safety generally for work and with COVID 19. We will ensure we share any further updates.

Thankyou for your continued support. Stay safe.

Paul and the Baines Gardening Team

Important Notice

In light of the current situation with COVID 19 we are keen to ensure you are kept updated with our response and working practices. We are complying with all of the directions given by the Government and will continue to do so as they change.

The current instructions allow travel to work if it is not possible to work from home. Additionally Nicola Sturgeon clarified on 23rd March that gardeners and window cleaners should continue their business whilst adhering to the safety guidelines given out. As a result we are continuing with our contract work and ensuring that our sites are well tended for residents working from their homes to enjoy. For the safety of the residents and our staff we have instigated the following practices, which we know are in accord with the directions given.

Should the guidelines change and we are directed to cease working, we will do so immediately If you employ another company to carry out contract gardening work on your sites and that company is not currently providing a service please give us a call. We will risk assess the work and may have capacity to help keep your sites clean, tidy and nicely maintained. We can do this for you on a temporary basis until things improve or on a permanent basis. Please feel free to call us if you have any concerns and please look after yourselves.


Paul and the Baines Gardening Team